submersible water level sensor

submersible water level sensor
Measuring groundwater level or depth -to-water is critically important for identifying long term trends, including declining water levels ,seasonal variations , aquifer recharge and etc. submersible water level sensor with datalogger is complete solution to measure water level in groundwater.
It features a complete in-well solution for groundwater measurement and flexible remote data transmission options.
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Application:water level measurement
Measurement Accuracy:0.2%FS
Measurement Resolution:1mm
Measurement Technology:Gauge Pressure
Measurement Range:Up to 200 m
Memory Card:8G internal memory
Hardware Interface:RS232
Sending Information:GPRS/SMS
Current consumption:Max 10ua in sleep and 300ma in transmission mode
power:Internal 4.2V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Housing Material: steelness still/aluminium