Shaft encoder level sensor

Shaft encoder Level sensor with a data logger
Shaft encoder Level sensor with a data logger is used to continuously measure water levels. Easy installation, high precision, and the ability to connect to a variety of Limonograph is one of the advantages of this device.
The datalogger of this level gauge has the ability to send water level information online and can connect to the solar panel and battery.
Usable locations: rivers, dams, canals, lake
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Measurement accuracy:Fits the Floating type from 2 mm to 8 mm
Measurement resolution:0.048 mm
Precision Detection Changing Degree:0.087 degree
Measuring range:Continuous
Show information:Has a 64 x 128 LCD to display the instantaneous water level
Memory Card: 8G internal memory
Port hardware interface:RS232
sending information:GPRS/SMS
Consumption current:100 mA in normal mode
Water level measurement unit:mm,cm,m
Foley's environment:200mm
Sensor Dimensions:80*80*60
Datalogger Dimensions:190*120*55