Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor
Rain Sensor is designed to measure rainfall using the Tipping Bucket method and is available in two types without heater and with heater (for cold areas).
The type with heater has a temperature controller that controls the heater in accordance with the defined temperature range. It has Online creation capability and store data using the DG60 Datalogger and send the values to the central server or via SMS to the mobile phone. The sensor genus is made of special aluminum alloy and with use of certain chemical processes the resistance of the sensor in outdoor uses has increased. This sensor is fully compliant with the WMO standard. By applying the calibration table on the data logger, the sensor error is compensated at high intensities. Upon request, this sensor can be provided with a calibration certificate from the Water Research institute.
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General specifications
Orifice size:200 Square centimeters
Sensor sensitivity:0.1 mm
Measurement error: Maximum 5% equivalent to 0.1 mm
Measurement intensity: Between 0 and 10 mm per minute
Heater power supply voltage:220 Alternating voltage